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Cell Fusion C

A hypoallergenic physician-recommended skin care brand that utilizes nanotechnology to enhance skin barrier functions and increase antioxidant effects.


The Reluma product line, including hair care, uses stem cell technology that aims to increase overall skin health and reduce signs of aging.

Advanced Derma

A delicate procedure that can achieve high performance at low cost. It promotes rejuvenation of the skin and collagen reproduction to improve skin firmness, tone, and texture, as well as reduction of acne scars and pore sizes.

King Holly

A recognized Taiwanese brand that specializes in health and skincare products. King Holly uses both traditional Chinese medicine and western advances that protect and improve overall health and well-being.

Some of Our Products

Skin Care

Distribution of a range of skin care products that use sophisticated skin care science to help target all skin types and conditions.

Hair Care

Specialized hair treatments and products to target thinnng hair.


Selection of advanced skin care tools and equipment available for beauty spas, salons, and licensed professionals to provide exclusive services to their clients.


Future health product selections will include natural health supplements to boost overall health, as well as include body care products to ehance natural beauty.

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